It’s Your Primary Channel For New Business

Not much else feels like a stream of lava running down the middle of our spines than the group of commercials that flood the TV telling us how simple it is to build a website. Click here, drag there, drop an element, throw some text on there, publish, done! The world will soon be clicking like a castanet concert, putting items in their shopping cart and sending you their money. All for just $99.95!

It pains us to see, but it also fuels what we do. We are not intimidated by these flash and, oh so bogus, attempts to undermine our profession, we embrace them. Why? Because we know that if you are taken in by them, we will be hearing from you soon.

As the infograph below so humorously portrays, it’s all just a sometimes necesary path to our front door

Your website isn’t just art on the internet; it should be your primary channel for new business.

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Deryk Storme

One of the rare individuals who truly understands what online advertising means and has the expertise to plan and implement search engine friendly websites and CMS. He is a true Internet Marketing technologist who can build your website, optimizing content for search and conversion performance as well as he can handle the back-end coding and database management. @Google +

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