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New Project Data Collection Form

WebStorme Project Start Data Collection
Your Name:*
Company Name:*
Current Website URL
Physical Address 1*
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Your personal email address*
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Give us a few keywords your customers might search for to reach your webpage.....

Would you like to use our secure server for your hosting? Your first year will be FREE. You will be billed next year for $65 per year.
If you would like to use our secure severs we are going to need the username and login for your domain registrar managment center. We will log in here and assign our servers address information to your domain name when we are ready to launch
Who is your domain registrar?
Registrar Login Username
Registrar Login Password
If you do NOT use our secure servers, we are going to need the username and password for your hosting management center. This may be different from where you purchased your domain name. This is the space on which your website files are located. This MUST be a Linux server with PHP and MySQL
Where are you hosted?
Hosting Login Username:
Hosting Login Password:
For search engine optimization and business building, you should own, at least, a Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account. If you do not, please create them. We can talk about WebStorme optimizing them a little later.
Your Facebook URL
Your Twitter URL
Your Google+ URL

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