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One of the rare individuals who truly understands what online advertising means and has the expertise to plan and implement search engine friendly websites and CMS. He is a true Internet Marketing technologist who can build your website, optimizing content for search and conversion performance as well as he can handle the back-end coding and database management. @Google +

The Diva’s Fragrance Garden. Making eCommerce Work

“Oh…….God!!!!! Love it!!!!!”

Roberta Foster, The Diva’s Garden Of Fragrance.

The Original Fragrance Shop is the oldest perfume body shop in Houston Texas. They have provided premium quality perfume oils and hand dipped incense to clients in Houston and surrounding areas for more than 26 years. They specialize in rare, exotic and custom blended perfume oils. Their incense are preferred above others for prayer and meditation. The aroma produced is intense and lingers for hours. They now offer their vast selection of perfume oils, warming oils and incense online under the name The Diva’s Garden of Fragrances in honor of our most popular custom blended fragrance, The Diva’s Garden.

Ms. Foster came to us at a tough time. She was in the process of clossing her brick and mortar store down and needed to be able to continue to sell her products online. She had received many complaints from customer concerning her current eCommerce website and, now that there would be no physical alternative for customers to purchase her fragrances, she needed a website constructed that could successfully act as her store front.

WebStorme put together a nice clean store front with easy access to the top sellers, and an easy secure checkout system. We made sure tha the products most wanted were highlighted and contructed an automatic discount system for bulk purchases.

The Results? Well based on the comment we got from Ms. Foster, we think she liked it.

52 Weaks Of Hoops. From Wix To WebStorme

52 Weaks Of Hoops. From Wix To WebStorme

“I’ve had an excellent experience and partnership working with Derek Brown is extremely professional, friendly and will work with you in every way to get the job done with satisfaction. I have peace of mind knowing that WebStorme is just a click away and always there to continue with updating my site as needed. It’s not always easy finding ways to promote your business but they have made it a smooth stress free process. I definitely will be working with with all of my online needs.”

Kenyan Weaks, Founder CEO, Kenyan Weaks Skills Academy

Kenyan Weaks. One of the most prolific three-point shooters in school history, who developed into a complete player during his four-year career… Second on UF-s all-time career three pointer chart (198)… Fourth in three-point field goal percentage (.427), second in attempts (464) and sixth in steals (163)… Averaged 1.41 steals per game, seventh best in school history… 48 career dunks is tied for sixth best in school history… Free throw percentage of .787 ranks 10th in school history… Ranks 21st on the all-time scoring list with 1,234 points… Scored in double figures 60 times, including 14 20-point games and a 31 point game vs. Auburn in the 1998 SEC Tournament… Played in 115 games, including 65 starts… Shares the UF career steal record in NCAA Tournament play with Dan Cross after recording 16 steals in nine NCAA Tournament games.

Concord Mayor George Liles said the town of 45,000 people (whose downtown is pictured above) is “really proud of him.”


Kenyan came to me and asked me to do an assessment of his built website, built to introduce the Kenyan Weaks Skills Academy to North Carolina youth. Before I even clicked on the link, I expected the worst. I have, to date, never seen a built website with any appealing structural design. When I got to the sight I was a bit surprised. It was definalty not good, but for once, it was not awful. However, in true Wix fashion, the backend code was heavy and bloated.

Realizing what Kenyan was venturing into, I definately wanted a part it. I have a wicked soft spot for kids, and used to mentor and coach kids back in my youth as well, although my game was soccer.

So, without giving it a thought, I set out to rebuild the 52 Weaks Of Hoops Skills Academy into a visually pleasing, easy to navigate, mobile responsive, business building digital presence.

The results? Kenyan, his business associates and friends were elated. 24 hours after going live, The Kenyan Weaks Skills Academy took it’s first payment of $160 for an 8 session private lesson

When I started my business, I knew I needed a website.

When I started my business, I knew I needed a website. Of course, I knew nothing about how to build a website but using a popular web hosting company, I utilized the tools they had available for a generic templated version. It wasn’t fancy but I thought that it at least gave my company a presence on the web. I had no idea about any of the work a hardworking website needed to do but it looked good and there were no typos!

After three years of a static, bland website, I knew that technology was moving at a high clip. Websites needed to have a solid background and architecture in order to be competitive in web searches. I knew that there needed to be movement and that my website needed to draw a viewer in quickly in order to get their attention. I didn’t know how but I knew that social media and blogging deserved some attention in order to increase the chance of my website being viewable to my target audience. I knew these things but I had no idea how to execute such magic.

Several months ago, I met Derek Brown of Webstorme. He said that he did website design (so did I, right??) and that he could help and improve the performance of my site. He took a look at my site and gave me a candid analysis and provided constructive criticism on why my site wasn’t doing what it could be doing. He told me what it needed in order to do those things and then he told me that he could make that happen.

He asked me what I wanted to accomplish with my site and told me to look at different sites to see which ones I liked to pattern my new site. Then he went to work. He provided me with lots of information along the way to help me understand what he was doing. He explained to me the nuts and bolts of what we were trying to accomplish and patiently, very patiently, listened to all of my questions and input and talked me through some of the frustration I was feeling about the process. His knowledge of what works and what needs to be done to make it work is immense. Quite frankly, much of it was over my head from a technology perspective. I just knew I wanted it to look good and work!

I LOVE my new website. In two weeks after it launched, my ranking on Google searches rose from 2 or 3 pages down the list to the first page and actually the second or third company on page one. I have learned to connect my social media with my website and people can like my Facebook page from my website and see the latest news and blog content right from the site. Once my new site had launched, Derek took the time to show me how I could make updates (new photos, blog input, etc.) myself to keep content current and relevant.

I know there is lot of technical stuff going on in the background – tags, keywords, links – makes my head spin! All I know is that it is working, looks great and is improving my ranking in web searches. All leading to greater visibility and more business. I couldn’t be happier with the site and with all that Derek did to make it a reality. I highly recommend him and his services.

Pat Blaney, Owner
Wagz ‘n Whiskerz Pet Sitting

The Auto Wizards Before And After Web Redesign

“Absolutely the best experience, and the best money spent, in regards to our business growth. Attention oriented with wonderful team management skills. WebStorme provides excellent outcomes and is customer friendly. Everything I asked for was done in excellence and I was very pleased.”

William Berry, The Auto Wizards

The Auto Wizards came to us as a 1 year new business in the Easton MD area. Their location is right off of a primary thru-way, but you can’t really see them from that thru-way.

Word of mouth for this skilled and attention to detail shop was doing a great job of bringing in the customers, but the employees and owners were getting a little tired of hearing “I didn’t know we had a shop like this in Easton” and “How long have you been here? I wish I would have known before I went to XYZ”

The Auto Wizards needed a quality digital presence that would come up at the top of page 1, and that would have the visual engagement that would be needed for this “look at me” personality of customer

WebStorme Delivered, and The Auto Wizards saw an almost immediate 30% increase in drop by customer traffic

Wagz N Whiskerz Before And After Web Redesign

“I LOVE my new website. In two weeks after it launched, my ranking on Google searches rose from 2 or 3 pages down the list to the first page and actually the second or third company on page one. I have learned to connect my social media with my website and people can like my Facebook page from my website and see the latest news and blog content right from the site.”

Pat Blaney, Owner, Wagz ‘n Whiskerz Pet Sitting

We met Pat of Wagz ‘n Whiskerz Pet Sitting at a local dog event. While walking around watching Dock Dog events, dogs catching frisbees, running obsticle courses, and just plain having a good time, we stopped at a booth where Pat was talking to folks about what makes a great pet sitter. Like website design, many don’t realize how much work and attention a good pet sitter puts into their business.

We asked, as we typically do, how is your website working out for you. And we got back a very typical answer. “We have a website, but we don’t get much business from it”

Wagz ‘n Whiskerz needed a makeover. Pat, like so many other small business owners, was taken in by the high impact marketing that spouts the fantasy of how easy it is to point, click, drag, build it, and of course, they will come

Webstorme turned Pats static brochureware website into a dynamic, compelling, trust gaining presentation that fits the quality of her business. Read Her Complete Testimonial Here.

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