The Auto Wizards Before And After Web Redesign

“Absolutely the best experience, and the best money spent, in regards to our business growth. Attention oriented with wonderful team management skills. WebStorme provides excellent outcomes and is customer friendly. Everything I asked for was done in excellence and I was very pleased.”

William Berry, The Auto Wizards

The Auto Wizards came to us as a 1 year new business in the Easton MD area. Their location is right off of a primary thru-way, but you can’t really see them from that thru-way.

Word of mouth for this skilled and attention to detail shop was doing a great job of bringing in the customers, but the employees and owners were getting a little tired of hearing “I didn’t know we had a shop like this in Easton” and “How long have you been here? I wish I would have known before I went to XYZ”

The Auto Wizards needed a quality digital presence that would come up at the top of page 1, and that would have the visual engagement that would be needed for this “look at me” personality of customer

WebStorme Delivered, and The Auto Wizards saw an almost immediate 30% increase in drop by customer traffic

Deryk Storme

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