Shopping The 2013 Holidays. Were You Digitally Ready?

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The biggest challenge for marketers is finding a way to create a natural dynamic between online, mobile and physical locations to meet customers’ expectations.

This new consumer expects easy and consistent access to goods and services, based on highly personal preferences.

The goal in our original research is to uncover the behaviors and expectations of this consumer as they relate specifically to an industry, and open up insights on how brands can optimize their customer experience to increase engagement, revenues and loyalty.

In our report, we look specifically at the holiday shopping season and how today’s consumers are interacting with brands during this time of the year.

The report is a combination of data from online surveys conducted by SDL in 2012 and 2013 that looked at the shopping habits of consumers in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, as well as the company’s overall experience working closely with major retailers in these regions. As we analyzed the data from this year, we were able to compare it to the data from last year.

So, as you read the following, you will note how certain trends are shifting year-over-year.

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2013 shopping habits of consumers in the United States

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